Pattu Veshti and Shirt for special occasions

  • March 30, 2020

Pattu is the name given for silk fabric in Tamil. This is commonly used in the southern region of India. It is well known that a pattu veshti or a pattu saree is worn on special days to make the occasion feel even more special. Wearing new or a special piece of clothing instantly lifts the mood of a person and gives the vibe of something special. This is why people buy new dresses for special occasions. Wearing a pattu veshti and shirt price does not only give a superior look to a person but also makes them easily identifiable as they will stand out in a crowd of people. Maintaining a pattu veshti takes a lot of effort and people should handle the material or the fabric with care. It cannot be washed and dried like all the other fabrics that are used in making clothes. Silk dresses should be carefully dry washed and should be maintained properly for them to last long. Even though this looks like a tedious process, people still invest a lot of money in buying silk fabrics. This is because of the special look that a silk dress gives. Shirts are also available in silk fabric for men and is most often seen worn by a groom during a wedding.


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